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An abomination within the hip hop music. "Minimalist" barebone beats are accompanied by snapping to make the instrumentals. The lyrics usually have little substance to them. Being club music, it's spawned a dance that is done by nearly breaking your neck while snapping to the slow tempo.
Southern person: Snap music is so good!
East coast person: Please die...

The music, being bad enough, can never compare to the disturbingly horrific "snap dance"
by SIXnop June 02, 2006
A variant of "oh shit", "oh snap", or "oh dip". More truely a variant of oh shit, used in places where saying shit would be unacceptable, I.E. a classroom or public place. Is often said with a playful gangsta tone, being pronounced "Oh siht" having the T sound cut short.
Teacher: Tommy, you got a 64 on the exam.
Random Classmate: Oh sit son.
by SIXnop April 07, 2006
A mimicking of the sound heard from turntables when a DJ scratches the records, but is just a comically bad rendition of said sound. Commonly used as code language for crew members to say something without saying it. Uses for erret include acknowledging a hot female in the presence or other unspoked code, but is mostly used to annoy people. Variants include Et-erret, er-erret, skirret, set-sirret, skit-skirret, etc.
::Attractive female walks by::
Hood 1: Erret.
Hood 2: Set-sirret

::Person of authority is talking::
Professor: The homework is to read chapter 6.
Idiot student: ERRET!
by SIXnop April 07, 2006

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