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A decent rapper that people love to hate on.
Actually came out with some good shit before he became all mainstreamy, but still manages to be different voice in todays hip hop where a lot of rappers arent exactly rappers anymore,

A lot of angry white kids talk about how garbarge lil wayne and think that it's thier place to judge, even though they couldn''t possible even dream to replicate some of his genius
point: stop hating on lil wayne, he didnt get handed fame, he worked his ass off for it. if you want proof, listen to his mixtapes.
Retard " yo fuck Lil' Wayne, respect the game and listen to pac"

Intellectual- "Nigga shut the fuck up, that niggas been dead for ten years get over it, stop being a fag and listen to no ceilings'

retard "wow this is actually pretty good"
by SIMPLYrome8754 February 23, 2011

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