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word used to describe the sound made by suckin ur teeth. we use it in tha west indies (trinidad, jamaica, barbados, tobago, etc.) 4 weneva sumthin is real stupid, unbelievable, or jus gettin on yuh nerves 2 much
pronounced "s-ch-yuu-p-s" (tha "uu" sound is lyk tha "oo" in "woops")
i got detention because i stiups ms. craig, n she findz in "disrespectful"
by SICKofMLIS December 29, 2005
also called "stiups" or "stiupsin" in tha caribbean and west indies. (jamaica, tt, etc.)
TRINI: she get vex bcuz i stiupzz @ she naggin

ENUNCIATIN ANNOYIN KNOW-IT-ALL AMERICAN DUDE: i do so believe you mean "She GOT angry because I SUCKED MY TEETH at HER"

TRINI: shut up. itzz stiups, not no suck teeth
by SICKofMLIS December 29, 2005
a seriously idiotic game with absolutely no visible point. those who play it, start 2 talk 2 othazz who play it bout they shit, get on lyk idiotzz, and make all tha normal people around them feel lyk tha whole world has gone insane, cuzz lyk eybody keepzz goin on bout eything, and it seemzz lyk ey1 in tha room izz in2 this crap game.
a fella in ma class actually wrote up a contract 4 anotha fella 2 get him 2 do sum mining shit on runescape, tha PC GAME (<-----nigga, it is NOT real lyf! goddamn, i need 2 get out this school...)
by SICKofMLIS December 29, 2005
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