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Similar the urban cougar ( cougar urban cougar....older hot woman who looks younger, and keeps herself up who attacts romantic interest from younger men, or who preys on younger men).
The Lepeord is much CLASSIER, does not prey on the young men, yet is flattered by their interest as long as it is not pushed upon them or expected to be reciprocated. The lepeord will not date them, and rarely will bed them, but is flattered by cougar snack's attention in small amounts. Unlike the cougar, the lepeord does not intentionally try to get the attention of younger men. The leopard is usually over 30, does not try to hide her values, age (despite looking good for her age and for some much younger), or oppinions. She does not like sleezy come ons, dirty talk, and guys who come after her for sex. To score with a leopard a man would have to get to know and appreciate her mind, not just her body and looks. She enjoys looking good and being sexy, but is happy to just take care of herself just for her own sake, not to lure or bait a trap. She may be a loner, or hang with cougars, yet usually its easier to spot a cougar than a leopard. She will be the sexy older woman at the club who dances, laughs with freinds, drinks, and talks to guys, without the intent of picking any of them up.
Beware, the best gold diggers often try to mask themselves as leopards!!!
John thought he had spotted a hot easy cougar. He approached the table and soon realized it was out of his league, she was actually a leopard.

Shannon and Tracy soon figured out they were a couple of leopards in a cougars den while at the hotel bar.
by SHADYLADY2906 July 03, 2007

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