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1 definition by SEZK GAMBINO

1.Old, burnt out,
2.What happens when you party and drink to much,
3.Used and abused also see maxhardcore,
4.Unaware of ones sorroundings,
5.One who cheats on tic-tac-toe,
6.Cracked out,
7.Why someone originated the qoute "theres a sucker born every minute",
8.Usually a girl that talks sh!t about something see has no idea about then you see her out and about and tries to say high, and her heels are ugly and has a flat butt. most often named nina.
red: do you want to chill with brad tonight
SEZk: naw mayn, your boy brad is such a mush brain.
red: hahahaha thats true. awsome dude

lucas: mayn that girl is on fire!
SEZK: get that! i got her on volume 2 and 3.
lucas: what ya talking bout sezk?
Sezk: ya didnt know? strait much brain. check phone photos.
Lucas: oh look!.. there she is.. with some lil boy shorts.
by SEZK GAMBINO June 01, 2007