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a JAPANESE martial artist who fell into a cursed Jusenkyo spring in CHINA on a TRAINING MISSION. now he changes into a girl when splashed with cold water. he is the star of a kikass manga. the guy who says he is chinese needs to actually read one of the comic books before posting a definition
not to be confused with ramen, ranma is jolly good!
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! February 22, 2004
hilariouse flash player movie making fun of harry potter. go watch it if you are a fan of the books/movies!


and number two...

bother bother bother!
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! April 11, 2004
something you say before you stop talking to someone..kind of like 'peace' but really nothing like it. just used in the same way. not as in 'world oix' for those of you who smoke crack...
crackhead: i g2g
pothead: OIX

(potheads are better then crackheads)
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! April 22, 2004
what people who are too thick to type 'i don't know' use
iono if i'm a buggery tosser
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! February 04, 2004
acronym for Westernized Oriental Gentleman--- Something my elderly Scottish relative calls Asians who cant drive
"That fuking Wog needs to not stop in the middle of the bloody intersection"
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! February 01, 2004
the best city in the U.S. my home town lots of hippies, lots of skaters, lots of democrats and Green party, lots of homosextuals and bisexuals, lots of cool people in general. YAY!!!
go to Japan town and the Haight YAY FOR SAN FRANCISCO!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!
lets go to the castro on all hallows eve and watch Gay Glow in San Francisco.
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! February 22, 2004
a magic card. magic is an annoying game that pisses me off when they have tournaments in my favorite comic book stores and i cant get to the manga...mwahahahaa yes i am a total nerd, so dont bother to tell me.
aaaagggghhhh all the fat pimply magic card players are blocking the way to the Ranma 1/2 shelf!!!! fuk this lets go get high
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! February 21, 2004
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