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people who in rare cases, through no fault of their own, act harshly towards others because of the so called "evil gene".

for the rest of 99.99% its all about compensating for things past and present that happened/didin't happen...

commonly assosicated and charaterised as bullies who intend to cause harm to others to alleviate pain or to try and earn coercive respect through actions of evil
Lars: Can you please treat me with respect as i would, you

Jan: No way i will still tear you down irrespective of your feelings.. (i don't care if you percieve me as a jerk)

Lars: ok what if i be really nice to you and stay out of your way as best i can..

Jan: sorry f-wit i can't make that promise..

Lars: ill take that as a YES
by SEG_man April 10, 2009

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