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Multi use word which is highly addictive.

1. A greeting.

2. An exclamation of suprise.

3. An exclamation of shock and/or disgust.

4. A noise
1. Greeting - You see someone you haven't seen for a minute. Upon site an especially loud "Nyiii !" is emitted from across a stretch of a large public space , you are immediately recognized and hilarious laghter ensues

2. Disgust - Your brother tells you he was snorting coke with a friend and said male friend suggested performing fellatio on him. You respond with a prompt and crisp "Nyiii !"

3. War Cry - At a good night out at the pub with the lads many cries of "Nyiii ! " will definitely be heard.

4. General Response to Stupid Shite - Someone says something gayer than a tennis helmet, leaving you with an awkward feeling. The only logical response is a prompt and agressive "Nyiii ! "leaving the culprit feeling like a knob.
by SEAMUS THE SHAMELESS October 16, 2009
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