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1. having little or no hair on the scalp: a bald head; a bald person.
2. destitute of some natural growth or covering: a bald mountain.
3. lacking detail; bare; plain; unadorned: a bald prose style.
4. open; undisguised: a bald lie.
5. Zoology. having white on the head: the bald eagle.
6. Automotive. (of a tire) having the tread completely worn away.
–verb (used without object) 7. to become bald.
–noun 8. (often initial capital letter) Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a treeless mountaintop or area near the top: often used as part of a proper name.
"Glen you've recently developed a shiny Rushad"
by SDS1 February 11, 2009

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