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Mostly used in Southern CA when describing a crazy, scary, or a sketchy situation
"Bro I almost got arrested last night, it was sketchy tits"

"Dude I can't believe we almost hit that semi on the freeway on our way back from Vegas, that was sketchy tits bro"
by SDBbrown88 January 31, 2011
Wiz Khalifa's single. Fans in (Encinitas, CA) use this phrase to describe weather they are intoxicated or drunk while partying.
example 1:

Dude1: Did you end up going out to the bars last night?

Dude2: Oh yeah bro, I got so black and yellow last night!!! it was great!!! you missed out!.

Dude1: Damn bro, we'll have to get black and yellow together next time.

example 2:

Dude1: Dude we need to get black and yellow tonight! u down?

Dude2: I'm down bro!!!
by SDBbrown88 January 31, 2011

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