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An incredibly talented band from Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

And good fucking god, they are in no way emo. Modern emo is bland, unoriginal, whiny, commercialized shit. These guys deserve some fucking respect.

They are all incredibly talented at what they do. The guitarists can tap/shred at a very high level of playing standards, as well as being able to come up with some very catchy riffs.

The rhythm section comes up with some very intricate, unique ways to back up the songs, and the bassist can do more on his bass than most 'emo' guitarists can play on guitar. He also writes some very good lyrics.

The vocalist has a great range of singing and screaming as well as a great stage presence.

So to summarize: Kick ass band, nothing to do with emo

They don't even deserve a metalcore label because metalcore is again bland and uncreative. These guys play progressive/math metal.
Check out Fortress, the latest album from Protest the Hero. It is worth every pennie.
by SCTS January 10, 2009

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