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The french fries at the bottom of the whole take out bag from a fast food restaurant. also called, bag fries
Hey man, are you going to eat all your fries?

They are all gone, check the bag for escapees.
by SCRhollywood November 20, 2009
From Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Shylock's Daughter.

A woman known for her poetry, creativity and beauty but she never lets on that she is aware of it. She would rather support her Love's interests than become too involved in her own.
Man, Aaron is so lucky, he hooked up with a total Hulburt.

Yeah, he will go far with that hot little Hulburt at his side.
by SCRhollywood February 05, 2010
On one wheel, as in a wheelie or a stoppie, on a motorcycle.
I saw a great stunt show, the stunna was up on one and grabbed a Red Bull out of some chick's hand.

Man, I am still working on a simple wheelie.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
From a real small town called Rio Linda, near Sacramento. Made popular by Rush Limbaugh for the heavy use of meth and white trash people who live there. Rio Linda girls are often the butt of jokes.
Q-What do you call 4 Rio Linda girls walking together?

A- A full set of teeth.

Q-What's the first thing a Rio Linda girl does each morning?

A-Walks home.

Q-Why do Rio Linda girls wear panties?

A-To keep their ankles warm.
by SCRhollywood February 05, 2010
skateboard term that means smashed finger, usually obtained by screwing up any trick which requires you to grab the board.

also called stubbed blunts, bloody stumps, pink stubby blunts, etc
i hit the top of the half-pipe while reaching down to grab my deck, missing the board altogether i ran over my own fingers leaving me with 3 pink mashies
by SCRhollywood February 03, 2010
Verb-to prepare for a fight

prison slang for getting ready to go fight or be involved in a riot.
I heard you were called out when the yard opens.

you heard right, i'm going to put my boots on right now...are you coming?

yeah, I'll put my boots on too, I got your back
by SCRhollywood February 07, 2010
chippy or chippie is a nickname for a CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer. Usually, but not exclusively, on motorcycles.
That chippy was pretty cool. He knew we were speeding but instead of hassling us just got on his loudspeaker and told us to slow down.

Damn, the CHP are never cool like that with me.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009

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