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some shitty bazonga who started 9/11 and is now being raped by sea animals in the ocean including whales, turtles, and even starfish.

He is also a hide and seek champion even beating Waldo since 2001.

He is also called Waldo's evil bro.
in 2011 we shot that son of a bitch (Osama Bin Laden) in the head.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 26, 2012
something that Keira Knightley doesnt have.
Keira Knightly does not have any boobs.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 26, 2012
Peace is 4 Pussies (in situations with life threatening danger) in other situations peace might be the answer.
hippie: oh we should make peace with achmedinejad, he looks like a nice guy

*awesome guy comes and kicks the hippie in the nuts*

awesome guy: P4P that guy wants to nuke us. screw u dirty hippie.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 28, 2012

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