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Is a late night, fast, hard, sexaul encounter in which the airstiker hits the target & then swoops up out of there. No expectations of an overnight stay or any real type of romance. The airstriker has a clear objective of destroying the target in an urgent & purposeful manner. A perfectly executed Airstrike should astonish the airstrikee and alow the pilot a clean, drama free, escape.
Dude, she keeps blowing up my phone looking for a booty call, but I do not have time for the drama that crazy girl brings to the table. I think I'll go over extra late and give her an Airstrike, that is really all she wants, me too. I'm going to swoop in. drop my payload, and pull up out of there.
#air strike #air-strike #airstrik #airstrick #airsticke
by SCQTT February 04, 2013
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