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Often also a lad, a Banterlope is someone who has been responsible for some epic banter
We just had a few beers at ours last night, Darryl was a right Banterlope tho!
by SC88 July 03, 2010
A fictional shot or drink often requested in cocktail/shots bars for one of two reasons, either:

in order to initiate conversation with an attractive barmaid


to cause general confusion as the bar staff search the shelves and the manager is consulted.

In one bar in Swansea the request of 6 Cherry Bombastics marks the arrival of a notorious group known to the staff to be fond of general mischeif and tomfoolery.
Bar Staff: "Next?"
Johnny Inches : "6 Desperados and 6 Cherry Bombastics Bombastics Please"
Bar Staff: "Oh not you lot again"
by SC88 July 04, 2010
An affectionate but mocking term for a friend or comrade who is a little worse for wear whilst you aren't, and who is either lairy or comes up with a silly idea
Clifford: "we'll have some more shots, then get those girls over there to come with us to Mozarts and we'll convince them to stay open late and i'll borrow the DJs decks...."
Louis : "alright Drunky McDrunk, lets just get a taxi"
by SC88 July 07, 2010

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