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(Wal-nut) Pronounced: "Wall" and "nut"
A term widely known for Marijuana. Those who use it are on the rather cooler side than the other Pecs (Pecans.) The term "Walnut" originates in the upper east side. Some refer to it as God, but others call it Whoopi Goldberg. One that takes part in such activities may be referred to as a "Nut." When one consumes Walnut, they often becomes "Nuts."
"Damn. I gotta get me some Walnut, so I can go nuts later, Nut."
by SAMFRANCANDLEEBAKE November 17, 2011
Pronounced: "Fran" "gee" "uh"
The mixture of choice of either Franzia" and the Spanish wine of choice "Sangria." Everyone knows this. If you don't, your idol is obviously Hillary Duff.
"Man, I really miss that Frangia shit. It's like the combination of CLASS AND TRASH. "

"Yeah, man."
by SAMFRANCANDLEEBAKE November 19, 2011
(Al-mond) Pronounced: "All" "mund"
Verb. A term known for the feeling felt when combining Marijuana with Frangia (find meaning elsewhere).
"Man, I just wanna get 'Almond' right now."


"Did you see that girl's face, she was totally Almond."
"Yeah man, too much Frangia and Bud is never good."
by SAMFRANCANDLEEBAKE November 17, 2011

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