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A house of unmitigated evil, as chronicled by the sleeper hit 2003 epic motion picture, "Doom House 2000."
Dude, i went over to Brian's house the other day, and there were baggies everywhere. Brian's got a fucking Doom House!!
by SA Goon October 30, 2003
Maker of the infamous Pain series, as well as their cousins Awesome and Untitled. Member of the SomethingAwful forums, he is rumored to have an inhuman constitution for disgusting images. The images were originally created for usage in FYAD and against image leeches. The Pain series became the de facto standard in internet guerilla warfare.
"You know, it really says something when you gaze upon one of the Pain images and find yourself staring primarily at Goatse, because it's the least offensive image in there. Christ seeing Goatse amongst the other macabre things is like seeing an old friend after you've been gang raped by angry midgets with broomsticks."
by SA Goon April 21, 2004

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