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1.) Country where most of the first technological advances occured. (1st human bionic heart transplant, 1st face transplant, 90% of all vaccines are created and packaged)
2.) All the best champagne comes from Champagne, France.
3.) France runs the fassion industry. In France, different trends will always, and have always, appear(ed) 3 years before it arrives in New York, or any other country in the world.
4.) The most romantic language of all.
5.) The best cheese comes from France.
6.) The best place to vacation is the Cote d'Azur (Southern France)

I'm from the United States, and most Americans hate the French because we have a c*ck sucking, idiot-bag president who can barely spell Franch, I mean French.
La France est meilleure que les États-Unis.
La vin qui vient de la France est la plus meilleure du monde.
J'aime parler français.
Si vous ne parlez pas français, tuez vous-même.

(Tranductez vous-même, translate yourself ... (click French to English)
by S3ct0r3 June 21, 2006

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