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Verb - To suppress one's anger.
Person 1: Whoa! Bob is so angry!

Person 2: Yeah, he's totally raging.

Person 1: Someone needs to tell him to derage.
by S.MF.L December 18, 2010
1. When one eats food in a vigorous manner, and gets crumbs all over their face. Mostly on their upper lip.

2. Crumbs on your mustache. (or mustache area)
Person 1: AHHH i love cookies! Nom Nom Nom

Person 2: Ahaha i know, you have a cookie crumbstache.
by S.MF.L January 09, 2011
Noun: A typical case where a female will begin to show sign of insanity, and or bitchiness as soon as she reaches dime (10/10) status. Dime syndrome is caused by an inflated ego due to the transition from a 9.9 to a 10. All dimes have dime syndrome, there has been no scientific evidence that would suggest a dime without dime syndrome.

Although a 9 or below maybe insane, it does not mean she has dime syndrome. Only dimes can have dime syndrome.
1: Wow your girlfriend is smoking hot! She's a real 10 in my book
2: Yeah but she's a nut case..
1: Oh yeah, must be the Dime Syndrome.
by S.MF.L June 30, 2014
1. When a person talks using obscure sexual jokes.
2. Sexual undertones.
Person 1 - I love white chocolate truffles
Person 2 - Don't you love it when the white stuff oozes in your mouth?
Person 1 - YES! nom nom nom
Person 3 - Aha you just got squid squawked. He meant jizz!
by S.MF.L January 23, 2011

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