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Sarkozy is the president of France, he's little as France is small. He's known as the man who make ghettos burn cuz of his racists ambitionz (-> French Riots)
The rich frenchies love him but young peoples who live in the suburbs (the ghettos, in France) want him to die.
"hey man i came in France for one week and my french homies tell me about their enemy : Sarko"
"wut? who u talkin bout vato?"
"it's all bout Sarkozy, the new president of da France"
"hell yea i heard about him, wat a dippee doo it is?"
"sure mayne"
#riot #france #paris #racaille #93 #marseille #lyon
by S.D Ranflaholic June 01, 2007
chicano (calo) slang for "gun".
Tengo el fusca so u best trucha punk ass !
#trucha #ranfra #ranfla #daygo #ak47 #la
by S.D Ranflaholic July 05, 2007
Beeing proud to be brown.
Brown Pride Mentality concerns Mexicans as well as other Latinos (cubans, portoricans, salvadorians...), Arabic People who lives in USA & South-Italians (Napolitans, Sicilians).
Brown Pride Movement concerns Chicanos, Chicanas and Mexas only >>> Chicano Power.
This mentality is owe of racism against their religions (Catholic, Muslim) and their culture often so different of the WASP Culture.
"hey cholo ! u best be proud"
"es para la raza ruedo con la Brown Pride familia vato !"
#black power #white power #aztlan #sicily #irak #chicano #mexa
by S.D Ranflaholic July 03, 2007
Another name of California or South California. "Killa" cuz da most dangerous areas of USA are there :
-East LA
-Oak Town
and many many mo...
"ey yo this da bala clica from da S.D side south KILLAFORNIA !"
"tell em how we riiiide vato !"
#san diego #l.a #south central #pomona #lowrider #lowridaholic
by S.D Ranflaholic May 28, 2007
1. Famous place to ride in the city of compton, CA.
2. Known as one of the most dangerous area in USA because of Drive By Shooting opposing Bloods and Crips sets who run compton.
3. The biggest street in compton : from south Watts to the LBC/Carson area.
Any Low Rider from compton like to dip down, floss down and bumpin' thru da compton boulvard.
Famous as Long Beach avenues, u can see dez bomb azz lacs, chevys impalas and regals.
#lbc #compton #lowridaholic #killafornia #south central #l.a
by S.D Ranflaholic July 06, 2007
Use to say when you want someone to ride. Usually a Lowrider : 64, 63, 62, 61, 59 ranflas or 30's bombas.
"HEY vato, que pasa hermano? watch my mothafuckeen sixtyfo' mayne! i get your ride on !"
#deuce #lowrider #tray #foe #impala #caddillac
by S.D Ranflaholic May 28, 2007
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