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Russian word (pronounce like shlew-khah with stress on the first syllable) for a...

1. ...female that fucks around with too damn many people.

2. ...jade, whore, prostitute.
1. - Man, i sympathize with u, but ya girlfriend is a shluha, the whole our skewl was fucking her.

2. - Look, homie! That hottie is looking at me!
- Chill, son. She's a shluha.
by S Sense August 17, 2007
Russian slang word shortened of pohui mainly used in the internet chats that means kind of "i dont give a fuck".
Person#1: "Dont say rude words or u'll get the ban!"
Person#2: "Poh for me"
by S Sense August 17, 2007
Originally came from Russia
1. Slang abusive word for a bitch, that is used for females only. (Suka, that means bitch in russian as well could be used for male and female)

2. A hot chic

3. Female dog
1. - Get the fuck outta here, suchka!

2. - Damn! Who's that suchka right there? Never seen her before!

3. - What a nice dog! Is it suchka?
by S Sense August 17, 2007
1. Russian slang word for a fight or a scuffle that originally pimped from pizda word.

2. A battle in a figurative sense? Thats kind of russian equivalent word for beef

Person#1: "Yo, let's get crunk in da "Infinity" club this saturday!"
Person#2: "Nah, there gon' be a pizdilka as usually!"

Person#1: "Homie, check out hip-hop.ru forum. There is big pizdilka in the thread about the rap battle."
by S Sense August 22, 2007
Russian slang abusive word (pronounce like soo-tcha-rah with the stress on the second syllable) for bitch. Very rude form of suka, is used when u're damn angry at someone.
- Where is my fucking money, nigga?! I'ma kill u, suchara!!!
by S Sense August 17, 2007
1. Russian spoken word for the open-air market, where people from Azerbaijan or somewhere from the Caucasus (so-called hach'i) can sell u whatever u want from a D&G jeans that's gon cost u about $20 to a small nuclear bomb.

2. Russian slang word for slang style of speaking.

3. English slang word for sucking a dick.

Person#1: "Look at my new glamour shirt, mayne!"
Person#2: "What a shitty shirt! Did u get that on Cherkizovsky bazar?"

Person#1: "Yo, sucker, ima fuck ur ass!"
Person#2: "Watch your bazar, milksop."

Person#1: "Check that girl, dude! I'ma pick that shorty!"
Person#2: "Damn, mayne, lemme find u real hot babe. That hoe must be bazared a half dicks in this club."
by S Sense August 22, 2007
Russian slang word for a anything bad or useless. Pronounce with different ways: ots-stoi, uts-tstoi.

1. - Yo, nigga! Ya ride is real otstoi!

2. - Shit, the car is fucked up!
- Otstoi!
by S Sense August 17, 2007
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