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(Pornounced Re-Na-Gayd; the idea of the word came from a misspelling of the word renegade, which seemed logical, renegade not being too-far off in meaning from this word)

A word describing the rising class of humans who are not entirely nerds/geeks, or club hoppers/ravers/socialites, but are a combination of both forms of existance and personality-traits.
Man, that kid's such a renagade! He gets so much action, yet his hobby is genetic engineering!
by S@tan November 21, 2009
One who is sexually aroused by the idea of aquiring diseases.
Marji is an infectophile, she loves it when her boyfriend has a cold and sneezes all over her body
by S@TAN December 05, 2009
A special type of cake that was invented in Kazakhstan, made of a child's ass
Mmm, my son's Kraum is delicious!
by S@tan November 20, 2009
Old Dude Trying To Remain Relevant
John's 50 year old dad is listening to dubstep and techno, pretending to like it, he's such an ODTTRR.
by S@TAN December 21, 2010
(pronounced bee-ur-ow-man-tic)

a person who tries to put rules on what is romantically/sexually acceptable, usually complicating these things far more than needed, let alone wanted realistically by any sane person.
She seemed like a really nice girl at first, but she kept asking me if I was to call her first or she was to call me first. She wouldn't even give me her number until I gave her mine because she said that "that's the way it works, isn't it?". Yugh, I hate bureauromantic people!
by S@Tan December 24, 2009
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