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Nipple torture. A form of erotic stimulation in which men's or women's nipples are clamped, pinched, pierced, burned or put through otherwise painful sensations.
I'm a mature, experienced, submissive guy who needs long sessions of helplessness, pain, humiliation, being used. I seek a dominant man, woman, couple who enjoy putting a guy through long sessions of heavy bondage and discipline, CBT, NT, water sports, breath-play, toilet, face-fucking,
and a whole lot more.

Please be STD-free, be willing to use me harshly but safely. Have your own place and tools of your passion.

Couples welcome.
by S&M December 27, 2003
an artist, musician, magician, or other alternative-culture type that lives in and/or around Las Vegas AND whose works are influenced by Sin City culture.
Dude! Check out that great painting of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. That guy is totally a Vegas Puppy.
by s&m February 17, 2004
Short for "Vegas Puppy."
An artist, musician, magician, or other alternative-culture type who lives in Sin City.
Wow! That guy rocks on the guitar! You said he's from Vegas? He's totally a VP!
by s&m February 17, 2004

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