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The act of defecating on one's face leaving one line of feces across the eyes, and another line down the nose. Like Arabian goggles, but with excrement. Used more of an insult than a sexual maneuver.
That girl was a total bitch to me, so I gave her a Mongolian Helmet.
by Rytha May 19, 2011
The act of when two or more women rub their breasts together. Usually taking place in the kitchen and resulting in lesbian orgies.
Sarah: I'm bored.
Tiffany: We can do a transnipulation.
Sarah: Okay, I'll call Jenny over when I'm done cooking my husband's meal.
by Rytha April 07, 2009
When someone has had too much to drink and lean against the wall with their shoulder and begins to walk using the wall for support.
Tommy: Dude, Rocco had way to much beer last night.
Justin: I know. He was shoulder walling on the way to his room.
by Rytha April 13, 2009
A couple who gets married just so they can wear wedding rings to make their image better. There is no real "love" in the relationship.
Bill usually cheats on Debbie when he's away on a corporate meeting, but he can just shrug it off. Their in a corporate marriage. She usually cheats on him when he's away too.
by Rytha February 05, 2011

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