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Emma Lee Bunton AKA Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, who, as one of five, sold more than 40 million albums and singles.

Has gone on to be solo, with hit European CD's like A Girl Like Me and Free Me, and Number ones like What I am
Did you catch Emma Bunton on the TV last night? She sang What Took You So Long!! Looking hot as always
by Ryan3757 January 10, 2006
Word made popular by the MTV show Laguna Beach.

Meaning, Really Cool... Awesome, Great. A term for enthusiasm.

The meaning of Gooch before this one came, was that it's a certain section of a guy's anatomy.

Dude! Did you see American Idol last night? It was gooch!
by Ryan3757 January 10, 2006
A show on every after noon starring the supermodel Tyra Banks, with an entertainingly pleasefull hour, you should try to watch it sometime, its really great!
Dude did you catch the Tyra Banks Show yesterday? Vivica Fox, Naomi Cambull, and Janice Dickonson were on it!!
by Ryan3757 January 10, 2006

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