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The way NEW YORK from I LOVE NEW YORK spells 'awesome'
she's not leet; she's just dumb as fuck
G for Great
O for outstanding
O for osome
by Ryan..the kid December 28, 2007
the act of being overly competitive.
Steve: Sorry about tackling you through that wall, im a little competitious.

Bill: Isnt it pronounced competitive?

Steve: Screw you tool box, its competitious

Bill: um ok

Steve: I win
by Ryan..the kid January 28, 2008
when using this phrase, it means you are referring to the person or idea as being lame.
Jess wears a smock to a party.

Wanna watch America's Next Top Model?
No way, that show wears a smock to a party.

by Ryan..the kid January 05, 2008
Internet slang

an abbreviation for "just a heads up"
Your crazy ex-girlfriend is headed your way jahu

Jahu, If you keep drinking like that youre gunna be showing everyone your niagara falls impression
by Ryan..the kid February 24, 2009
combination of the phrases "in touch" and "via text messaging".
I gtg, but ill be in text.

Im at work, i can't talk but ill be in text.
by Ryan..the kid January 19, 2008
a girl that has a certain appearance (aka smokin hott), that you're probably going to think about later when you whack off
who saw that girl with the acb? the one with the white pants and black thong, shes definitely masterbait.

Bob's mom just got a new boob job, talk about masterbait, she can bake me cookies anytime.
by Ryan..the kid February 06, 2008
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