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The act of taking a shit that causes significant burning around one's anus, especially after one has eaten really spicy food.

The shit burns as though there is a Dragon in your ass trying to get out, and the valiant Sir Porcelain (toilet) must fight to protect your Ass from being ravaged by the flame of the Dragon.
"Holy shit dude, I had to fight the ass-dragon all morning after eating those Habanero Peppers!"

"Mmm. Spicy Thai Food." *Four hours later..* "Dear lord! Fetch my shield and sword! I have to fight the ass-dragon!"
by Ryan R L April 27, 2008
A floorgy is an event of slight sexual connotation, in which there is a floor, many soft objects, and many people involved. Generally this event involves covering the floor with things such as foam mattresses, topped with blankets and pillows. Then one must add the people, preferrably an even ratio of males to females, or biased based on the host's preferences. The attendees proceed to lay/spoon/fornicate (only if acceptable)in the giant pile of soft goodness.

A floorgy is a great way to enjoy the entertainment of something like a movie, with a large group of people. Then general closeness of people bypasses the possible awkwardness of displays of affection.

Floorgies may not be a good idea in a group of friends that aren't comfortable with eachother, or with homophobic people, so careful discretion when deciding to have a floorgy is required.
Ex 1) Marv, Stephie, Jason and Alyssa had a floorgy while watching 'The Bourne Identity.'

Ex 2) "Hey Mark, we should have floorgies at your house more often, they're super fun!" "Sure Ryan, let's invite many girls and have one right now!" "Super awesome!"
by Ryan R L August 20, 2007
A mixture of Vodka and MDMA (Ecstasy), with a much higher ratio of Vodka. Usually 1 tab of MDMA per mickey (375ml) of Vodka. Has a much higher rate of success in acquiring sexual intercourse when consumed by the target female (or male). Thus the name "Pornstar in a Bottle" because it has the effect of making (usually women) have a very strong desire to fornicate.

Disclaimer: May be considered a "date rape" drink if you don't tell the consumer what's in it, but he/she will probably be so drunk and horny it will be you getting "raped."
Eg1: "Dude, I gave her some Pornstar in a Bottle, and she tore my boxers trying to get them off!"

Eg2: "He got me drunk off Pornstar in a Bottle, I couldn't keep myself contained.. It was the best sex I ever had!"
by Ryan R L August 06, 2007
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