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A rapper who is gaining popularity with his Signifigance over Success campaign, or SOS. He hails from Syracuse NY, and is a very talented artist, who has been recognized as an up and coming artist by the likes of Kanye West.
Earnesto: Yo, you heard that Doowittle song, nITTY gRITTY?
Hanz: Ah hells yeah, that song is the shit!
by Ryan Oliver August 04, 2006
A fat sack of anything, although usually marijuana.
"That is one fatty fatty boombasacky!"
by Ryan Oliver September 25, 2006
A prequel to a sequel, or a movie in a series in which none of the original characters could appear ie: Alien vs. Predator. It occurs before the original Alien movies, yet after the original Predator movies, therefore characters from either series could not have a role.
Joe:Why doesn't Danny Glover just pop up and fuck up the Predators, and Sigourney Weaver could handle the Aliens?
Scott: Because he's old as fuck by now, and she's not even born.
Joe: Wait what? Isn't this a sequel?
Scott: Nah man, it's a fuckin' Deeker.
by Ryan Oliver July 03, 2006
Anything relating to marijuana. Such as the maijuana itself, the high derived from smoking said marijuana, or the act of smoking.
The term originated in Auburn New York.
"Dude, you wanna score some biddie?"
"Fuck man, I am so Biddie right now."
"Dude, let's go biddie."
by Ryan Oliver July 03, 2006

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