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That which my pissed-off girlfriend is not doing to me at the moment.
"I'm sorry"

death stare

"No really, it came out wrong"

death stare

"OK fine, that dress really does make you look fat."
by Ryan Mock April 19, 2005
1. Baseball term known by SABRmatricians and GM types. Or if you just happened to read MoneyBall. Means: There's No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect. You know, an Acronym.
2. The sound made by a bug flying into a bug zapper. Or if it's a slug being thrown onto a bug zapper then its Tnstaaaaaaapsssss...
1. Yeah, he looked like a sure thing but you know, Tnstaap.

2. It's say, dusk, and a nice family of four is sitting out eating corn on the cob for dinner. As the flys/moths/mosquitoes come to investigate, one of them sees this wonderful light. And must fly towards the light, wonderfu-Tnstaapp
by Ryan Mock April 08, 2005
An Aussie slang for a "torpedo" kick. When kicking am oblong ball (i.e. gridiron ball, rugby ball, Aussie rules ball), it means to have the ball spin along it's longest axis, thus providing fantastic aerodynamics. Plus it looks pretty cool.
(in sports commentators voice) "Oh, a beautiful torpie there bounces into touch."
by Ryan Mock April 08, 2005
Nickname given to Americans living in places without many Spanish-speakers or Starbucks, meaning the native people using the term don't understand it's not really all that funny.
i.e. Australia
"Hey, Americano, hahaha."

"Whatever dude."
by Ryan Mock April 19, 2005

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