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7 definitions by Ryan LaFrance

this happens when a man is giving a woman a reverse titty bang. only in addition to the titty bang you are leaving skid marks on either her chest, neck, chin, nose, or all of the above.
is even more devistating when you haven't showered in a few days!
" Rod loves the smell of Jills face after i give her a chocolate devistator!"
by Ryan LaFrance April 03, 2008
can only happen when a woman is on her period, especially when the blood is clotting. this takes place when a man ejaculates into a womans vagina while she is on her period; the semen and blood mix together. it is completed when the woman pushes it out of her vagina.
" When Rod is finished having sex with Jill he likes to feast on her Manhattan clam chowder bowl."
by Ryan LaFrance April 03, 2008
A Mutation similar to autism:
lack of total brain activity(yet somehow manages to live?). someone who cannot spell "a" or add 0+0. you can tell when someone is suffering from austinism when you proof read their emails and find that not even spell check has a damn clue what is being typed... or when they speak to you and you think you are in an episode of "Life goes on"(see Corkey).
this disease is highly contagious, can be passed on sexually, airborne, physical contact, or the dreaded "conversation with one of THEM", or by simply sitting on the same toilet seat. also- one can be born with austinism ie: mom or dad had "IT" or mom consumed large amounts of weed, booze, or any other drugs.
Good news; there is a cure for this affliction. though school can do little to help the infected, death is the easiest cure. austinism can be slowly decreased simply by keeping the infected ones constantly dipping tobacco or sleeping at their desks. no drug with the ability to cure has yet be submitted to the FDA.
" Mark was found to have the first known case of Austinism"
by Ryan LaFrance April 03, 2008
any or all annoying people. the only stipulations are that they look like they have some type of retardation, or speak like they are retarded.
most commonly seen attempting to speak to the cool kids in highschools or colleges. occationally frequents large parties and is found sitting in the corner, either staring at girls that he will never get with, or girls she will never look like.
WARNING: these people are prone to suicide, school shootings, and rape leading to murder, or child molestation.
" Why is Mark talking to us? He is such a choade worbler.
by Ryan LaFrance April 03, 2008
when a man ejaculates on his girl friends stomach and it all goes into her belly button, looking like a bowl of clam chowder. girl must have an innie, not an outtie.
" Rod loves it when I give his wife Jill a chowder bowl so he can suck it out!"
by Ryan LaFrance April 02, 2008
common affliction found in men in their mid thirtys.
Symptoms: balding, homosexual tendensies, alcoholism, drug abuse, laziness, massively over weight, strong draw to internet sex sites, vile body odor and lack of personal hygien.
commonly seen with family members that are illegal aliens with muliple childeren. abnormal fits of uncontrolable rage when someone speaks negatively about childeren, yet in moments will come back to reality and coddle the offender.
consistantly sets low personal standards, then fails to acheive them. shows complete lack of ethical morals and will gladly risk career for minor gain. yet is very very loyal to his co-workers
that kenny is such a damn muise
by Ryan LaFrance April 03, 2008
an extremely large pile of semen on the small of a womans back. at least 2 to 3 shot glasses worth of semen.
I left a clum baby on Jills back!
by Ryan LaFrance April 02, 2008