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The lesbian sex act in which two women are engaged in tribadism and one, both, or a third party pours melted Velveeta cheese in between their two vaginas. The sound produced is nothing short of exquisite.
Cindy and I got really hungry last night so we popped some Velveeta cheese in the microwave and made ourselves a vagina melt sandwich.
by Ryan J B September 25, 2005
A polygamous sex act in which a women lies on her shoulders with her legs up in the air spread at about 90 degrees. One man stands perpendicular to her and between her legs, and positions his penis straight down into her vagina. Two other men (or women if they have the upper body strength) stand on either side and hold on to the woman's ankles. They then pull her up and down onto the man's penis, using her legs just like the handle on a butter churn.
Dan, Mike, Cindy, and I were bored last night after Scrabble-O-Rama so we turned that bitch into the butter churn.
by Ryan J B September 25, 2005
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