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Snake Rodeo-A great activity to do when completely bored out of your mind. It is for you to create and play.
Ryan:wtf do u want to do
Devon:snake rodeo?
by Ryan Gerstner March 05, 2005
The sexual position in which the woman gets on her hands and you litterly walk around like shes a wheelbarrow while having sex with her
Melanie: oh yeah...and then we did the wheelbarrow!

Ryan: You are such a whore.
#wheelbarrow #wheel barrow #weelbarrow #wheelbarow #the wheel barro
by Ryan Gerstner March 14, 2006
Tits magee is a word that can describe or take the place of any word. What many do not know, is that tits magee was origionally the "bird shaped" rays of dead midgets, that is shot from a "ray gun" resolting in an instant death. Many do not understant this concept, so just refer to everything as "Tits Magee". Tits mage can also be used as an Insult, or a Shitty Joke. Use it was you would like.
Used as a Noun:

Devon: Look at that animal over there!
Ryan: Thats a Tits..

Used as an adjective:

Devon: Dude, Bridge jumping is so awesome!
Ryan: Yeah, i know its so Tits!

Used as an insult:

Devon:You are such a Fag
Ryan: Yeah well your so Tits!

Used as a cover up for a shitty joke:

Ryan: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ryan: Uhhhh...Tits Magee!!!
by Ryan Gerstner March 16, 2005
When in a group of three there is always the one that doesnt fit in. We consitter him/her as the "3rd wheel" because they just dont fit. If there is a couple together and then one of there cousins, it just doesnt make since for the cousin to be there. If there are two caucasian people standing with a black man, the black man is obvously the "3rd wheel". Two Catholics and a Jew, Two Canadians and a Mexican, and so on
Ryan: jordan, what the hell are you doing with us?

Jordan: shit, i feel like the third wheel
by Ryan Gerstner March 14, 2005
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