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very irratable and enoying. A Person who is new to something but acts like they are an expert, also usually using the "1337" hacker language. . . which is also a pile of bollox to be honest.
A n00b is different to a newb tho. a newb is new to something, but with out the stupid questions and big headed-ness.
n00b: I OwnZ Joo all LOL11!!1!11!1! , how do i get in the vehicle? LOL!!!11!!
Player: Press E
n00b: i Gonnas Pwn Joo ass LOL!L!11!!
Player: Burn in hell u fu*king piss sh*t
by Ryan Dean April 20, 2005
Word meaning bad or nasty>
Has links to the word rank, but has not specific meaning.
"Your a proper gank"
by Ryan Dean April 19, 2005
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