672 definitions by Ryan

White Trash folk that think they ar king shit becaus they don't live in a trailer park.
"Dude, this neighnorhood is going to shit. My neighbors are a bunch of
by Ryan March 25, 2004
to pressure a member of the opposite sex or same sex for reasons of sexual favors.
Yo, i pressed that hoe sally. She put out like a loose slot in vegas.
by Ryan March 28, 2005
A huge, bulimic, depressed, mentally deranged cukholderer
Only a mojdeh having sex with Mahatma Ghandi while puking.
by Ryan February 09, 2005
eliphant testical
by ryan May 22, 2003
"fuck you" in japanese
by Ryan March 20, 2003
Ryan Himmelheber made woobla heard its a word of me saying woobla means nothing at all
woobla is ryans word.
by ryan January 17, 2004
Synonym for Yu-Gi-Oh
lol DOOL!
by Ryan November 13, 2003

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