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The specific moment in time a person realizes they've done something retarded. This word could be considered a broader generalization of phrases like "blonde moment" or "brain fart" etc. This also could apply to a third party as they notice someone having their moment. This would be a "retardilization" as well.
Retard - "2+2 equals 1...wait...its four! Boy im dumb. +retarded chuckle+

Ruyai - "Did you just have a retardilization you retard? I know i did! Bwahahaha!"
by Ruyai October 01, 2009
Retardalyse - An analysis given by someone either mentally inadequate or completely stupid that when spoken, either reassures their handicap or stupidity.
For the love of God, dont retardalyse this Kenny.
by Ruyai October 01, 2009

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