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Saw these guys tonight live for the first time. Best damn live act since Radiohead.

Great little group. Jenny's a fox and the rest of them are pretty damn talented as well.

And I was born in Glendora, California! :O
Rilo Kiley is the best damn indie band in a looooong time.
by Ruum October 31, 2004
An expression used when a situation or event is very unpleasant, or you're in a generally bad mood. Taken from 'bah humbug', Scrooge's universally renowned phrase, humburgers are reserved for very aggravating situations. For extreme irritation, see humburgers with cheese
Fat guy: So, yeah, could I get your number?
Girl: Sorry, I don't date men with breasts that are bigger than mine.
Fat guy: Bah humburgers!
by Ruum December 01, 2004
A very disgruntled expression, humburgers are truly unpleasant.
When Bush won the 2004 election, John Kerry let out an exasperated 'bah humburgers!'
by Ruum December 01, 2004
Humburgers on a truly villainous scale, humburgers with cheese implies an extreme that few situations can achieve. See bah humburgers.
CIA: Mr. President, Iran may have nukes. In fact, they do. In fact, they're on their way here. In fact, they're hitting your dad's house right now.
President Bush: Ah, humburgers with cheese.
by Ruum December 01, 2004

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