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A thoroughly enjoyable pasttime which only requires one hand. To beat the meat. Bash the bishop. Abuse the one eyed trouser snake
The bitch had a headache again so i had to have a quick hamshank over Kirsty Young.
by Rutters August 14, 2003
A lobster with only one claw
It was huge but it was a flappit. I couldn't sell it to the restuarant so I ate it myself.
by Rutters October 18, 2003
What you wake up next after you manage the double gallon of guiness. The ugliest, foulest, fattest excuse for a woman imaginable.More beast than human A stage worse that coyote ugly. Your worst nightmare personified.
Recollection of the previous night has hazy at best but i could remember going home. I opened my eyes and nearly screamed. I had snared a hippocrocagorillapig, and I was its layer.
by rutters October 14, 2003
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