3 definitions by RustyDildo

When you take a shit in a toilet and leave without flushing leaving it for the next person who eneters the bathroom often performed in hotels,friends,restaurants,hospitals and gas stations. More than one person can perform a phantom dump in the same toilet.
We all took a phantom dump in the bathroom at Shell.
by RustyDildo July 15, 2008
a guy with a abnormally large cock.
i saw a horsecock harry yesterday.
by RustyDildo July 15, 2008
Make a list of people you don't like then you have a bunch of people wack off in a bucket then put some milk in it mix it around then dump the contents on a person on the lists face while they are sleeping.
We had that bitch cindy stay the night and she was on the bucket list haha!
by RustyDildo July 15, 2008

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