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1. noun: a shit so big you could beat a man to death with it.

2. verb: to beat a man to death with a very large shit (a slath).

related to cleveland steamer in a twisted way.
1. Michael Stipe was beaten to death with a slath last night. In other news...

2. Will plots to slath Dupre tomorrow!
by Rusty Shackelford October 14, 2004
Sitting out in your rikity old shitter pinching out a loaf while getting a blow job while your dog watches!
Cletus: "Yo' ma! i gotta shit! Come her and put yer kissing tools on my baby maker"

Ma: "Dang, Cletus! Thats yur third turd t'day!"
by Rusty Shackelford March 30, 2004
Someone who got really excited about voting democrat in the 2004 election then realized they would have to leave the house to vote.
As a demnocrat I cant find time to leave the dorm room and vote for Kerry becuse Halo 2 just came out.
by Rusty Shackelford February 10, 2005

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