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4 definitions by Russellnz

Adjective describing someone who is no longer around in their present position. Usually used in a dramatic sense. Used in New Zealand
If he doesn't win the next election he will be goneburger.

or: What happened to Gregg on Survivor Palau?
>>Hes goneburger
by Russellnz October 30, 2005
No. It is a way of saying no with a degree of disgust or negativity
A: Could you pass me that pen?

B: Neh!
by Russellnz July 27, 2005
A moron or person who is prone to doing foolish things.
Gore, you are such a nangnang.
by Russellnz July 20, 2005
To crumble under pressure, as the All Blacks have done at the previous 5 Rugby World Cup.
And Dan aims up an easy shot at goal.......oh now has made an All Blacks of that one and completely missed.
by Russellnz October 09, 2007