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Having a live rodent or small animal (usually a gerbil) and using some sort of tube, forcing the gerbil into ones asshole. No medical case has ever been recorded of someone needing to remove a gerbilfrom ones anus, so we must now come to the conclusiion that either
a) gerbilling doesnt exsist.
B) they are very good at getting the thing out afterwards.
Gerbilling has many famous cases, such as richard gere reportedly having a wild session with the furry animal.
For more information i recommend the south park episode "Death camp of tolerance" which features rather detailed examples of gerbilling.
The hidden line in the song "i will do anything for love".
I will do anything for love
but i wont do that
no i wont do gerbilling with you
no i wont do that


"Im bored, what should we do tonight?"
"I dunno, how about you shove that gerbil up my ass, wait for it to wrigle around and maybe die, then you can pull it out."
"So whats on TV again?"
by Russell Wilson September 20, 2005
An irrational fear of iraq, most common amoungst middle class americans living in the sourthern states of the USA. Symptons include believing what the media claims, voting republican, remembering 9/11 and calling those who disagree terrorists, despite iraq having no connection to either 9/11 or terrorists.
Those who suffer from iraqnophobia often find that displaying a pointlessly large american flag on your house helps. It is unclear why iraqnophobics practice this ritual however.

1. Look what fox news is showing. Looks like they are keeping those iraqnophobics on edge still.

2. "Did you hear, George bush randomly declared war on iraq. Sounds like he has iraqnophobia...
by Russell Wilson October 12, 2005
American who lives in the southern states.
Hobbies include shooting everything that moves, war, drinking large volumes of whiskey, incest, NASCAR, talking about those 'damn yankees', working on the farm with ma and pa, country music and voting republican.
They are deeply religious, generally following the cult of the flag, which researchers have discovered can make rednecks feel 323% more patriotic on sight.
The male of the species is clearly in charge, and discipline is carried out using fists, often after a session of tradtional drinking.
Woman are usaully religious, praising jesus regularly, and have only 2 jobs. Give the man a son and act as a long term punchbag.
Children are identified by the name 'junior' since in 1 family all males have the same name (presumably so its easy to remember).
I aint no god damn redneck!
You be staying away from my daughters now ya hear me!?!
by Russell Wilson September 20, 2005

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