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spaminal spam-i-nal n. word combo of spam-animal, a little square animal that has yet to be photographed and is rumored to exist, a fleshy organism that tastes good fried, a mythical rectangular rodent of the kingdom Animalia,that when the extremities are removed, fits perfectly into a cube shaped can, white trash food source.
"I love a good fried spam sandwich with ketchup, thank god for Spaminals".

Spaminals are hard to catch, even with traps, I can only find them at the grocery store.
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) January 14, 2009
FWOPP v. acronym for Fucking With Other Peoples Photos, as in cutting and pasting, defacing, photo-shopping.
"Dude, Greg totally pulled a fwopp on Devo's picture."

"I'm gonna fwopp that photo up bigtime."
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) January 15, 2009
mangleat mang-l-eat n. a form of processed meat products such as hot dogs, sausage, chorizo or spam.
I'm in the mood for same mangleat. Honey, could you pick up some mangleats for the barbeque tonight?
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) December 24, 2008
mafiaholic maf-ee-uh-hol-ic adj. a word used to describe the addiction to online mafia gaming, such as Mafiawars and Mob wars.
Jeff stopped working and his business is failing becuase he can't leave his Mafia Wars game unattended for more than one hour at a time. Jeff has become a Mafiaholic.
by Russ Putnam (WiiTodd) January 04, 2009

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