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Captain of the Federation Starship Enterprise, NCC 1701-D and NCC 1701-E.
Kicks Kirk's butt.
Little hair.
Real name is Patrick Stewart.
Ok, that's it.
La de dah de dah de dilly dilly dah.
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
irritation of the skin usually caused by dry skin cells
Alleriges give me itchy skin.
by Russ Man August 02, 2005
A popular country singer.
George Jones is a country singer. I like him.
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
dumbass who ruined the Orange Bowl with her non-singing.
I loved the Orange Bowl.
I hate Ashlee Simpson
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
soap operas for kids
Person 1: Don't leave me Jack!
Jack: Shut up you *****!
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
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