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A Jive Jacker is someone who does something so good, he defines the perfection of his actions by just doing it regularly. He/She "owns" whatever skills and abilities people are watching, mostly in disbelief. It looks like they're cheating somehow, but true "Jive Jackers" never lie, never cheat, and just do it like a god.
"I was watching Michael Philips swim in the Olympics 2008 and in 2012, and that guy is a Jive Jacker. Too good, too fast, I'm hoping he ain't a Lance" (Lance Armstrong=cheater). Man, he walked away with the most medals of anyone in history! He's a top notch Jive Jacker."
by RurikBloodaxe January 06, 2013
"Crating" is where someone argues or belittles your opinion so hard, even when solid evidence proves them wrong, that they put themselves into a "crate" (which is usually stored in a warehouse). The "crate" keeps them from seeing the truth, or tries to hide their "goods" (insecurities or mistakes) about anyone with a different viewpoint who is obviously right.
"I was telling Melissa the other day about all the data supporting global warming, and she kept "crating" on it. She, like, wouldn't even look at the facts and just kept denying. I think she was scared."


"When Tyson kept doggin' me about beating him in the game, I just said to him "Don't be hatin', unless you're cratin'. That shut him up quick."
by Rurikbloodaxe August 07, 2012

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