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1 definition by Runtime

By far the best form of trance, and arguably edm, that is known. Shunning the instant melodies and loud exaggerated buildups found in anthem/epic/uplift trance, it loses a lot of mainstream appeal, but is a haven for those who despise the overdone, almost cheesey sound of most anthem trance.

Many progressive trance songs are at or above 8 minutes in length, feature a slow and gradual buildup and breakdown, and have a soft and ambient sound. Common producers and DJs in this genre include Markus Schulz, James Holden, Gabriel & Dresden, Leama, Gareth Emery, Sonorous, and Andy Moor.

Progressive trance's appeal is its deep sounds, subtle changes, and long progression; a feeling as if you are going through a journey into the music.
Dude, I heard Sasha play Xpander, and I cried like a wuss! Progressive trance rules!
by Runtime January 06, 2008