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To spend a long time sitting on the toilet.
Marcus likes to eat Mexican food and then roost in the upstairs bathroom for an hour or two.
#toilet #sit #relax #bathroom #poop
by RunningFool May 15, 2006
(Slang) To a high degree; overly. See syn. at very.
I have a job interview at 11am tomorrow, but that won't stop me from getting piss-ass drunk tonight.
by RunningFool March 15, 2005
A story told on the internet, about real life, that turns out to be fiction. Comes from the website www.bash.org, a site listing humorous logs of IRC conversations. A common theme is that of a user telling a story of how his building is burning down, the joke being that he had to tell his friends on the internet about it before running for his life.
"You know that story Jim's always telling, about the woman he slept with that ended up being his buddie's mom? Turns out it's just a bash fire."
#internet #story #bash.org #fire #fiction
by RunningFool February 16, 2006
Unless Otherwise Specified.
That is, a qualifier used to indicate that all members of a group have a given quality, excepting those which are explicated to NOT demonstrate said quality.
All images on this website copyright bidensandwich.com uos.

List of common dosages (all units in milligrams uos):
Ibuprofen: 400
Acetaminophen: 600
LSD: 50 micrograms
Aspirin: 320
Insulin: .15mL
#unless #otherwise #specified #qualifier #units #copyright law #uos
by RunningFool July 16, 2011
"Yes/Yes/Mother Fucking Yes?"

Used as an alternative to "Yes/No?" when the negative is really not an option.
Are you going to the party tonight, y/y/mfy?
#yes #motherfucking #no #question #multiple choice
by RunningFool January 02, 2011
The realization that the reason the entire conversation has been difficult to follow is that you're talking to an idiot.
When she said Kierkegaard was a Taurus I finally had a dumbpiphany--she had no idea what she was talking about.
#saturday #morning #breakfast #cereal #comics
by RunningFool April 25, 2010
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