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This is what closeted gay GOP officials who try to get balls deep with strange men in public airport restrooms are called. They also like tea-bagging, felching, and playing feed the elephant. They are hypocritical sick lying scumbags.
Senator Larry Craig is a foot tapper. Many other republican foot tappers have not been caught YET.
by running out of patience April 26, 2009
These are typically 24 year old yuppie wannabees straight out of college. It takes about 18 months to get them to the point where they can actually do something constructive for the company. Once this happens, they get a stupid title with the word "worldwide director" or something, and from this point on will not put their hands on anything tangible, like a product.
"Man, that Jeremy is an egghead. We finally get him to the point where he can walk without hand-holding and he gets a position with the armchair engineers."
by running out of patience March 15, 2008
When some stringy haired obese white woman gets murdered, or when someone gets greased outside of a nightclub, it is always about the booty.
Man, he blew her head clean off. Just because she wouldn't accomodate his licorice stick. Man, it's always about the booty.
by running out of patience October 31, 2008
The act of coitus with a young hottie is sometimes referred to this way.
"That Cindy finally let me give her a jab in the whiskers. It was heavenly."
by running out of patience April 04, 2008
Boogie woogies make this claim constantly when they are confronted about their future. They make plenty of money with their form of three r's (robbin', rapin', and riotin'.)
Tyrone addressing the school principal: "Hey moefoe! I don't like school. Don't need no booklearnin'."
by running out of patience March 23, 2008
These are borderline human beings that sneak around while everyone else is working and steal sandwiches and soda from lunchroom refrigerators. They are rarely reprimanded because the owner of the company is a republican and loves the cheap labor.
"Ha, Ha. Doris, head of the lunchroom thieves, is going to be surprised when she realizes I spiked that coca-cola with phenolphtalien." See "making the brown rumble".
by running out of patience March 15, 2008
These are scared little "professional" brats that hide behind $800,000 homes and their Audi's and Range Rovers. Notice how the home is only $800,000, anyone richer is usually a lot better person. It's the upper middle class ones that act like caramel shitting snobs. They treat restaurant and service people like shit. Eventually someone will kick their ass and they will be humbled.
"I punched that little yuppie in the range rover that pissed on my cornflakes this morning. Then I keyed his car."
by running out of patience March 15, 2008

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