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Term used to describe the state of mind and body once a person has immersed themselves in an utter state of destruction caused by an excess of drugs and alcohol or any other form of destruction.
Damn man - handle your destruction!
I can't man - I've partook in too much destruction this evening and don't even know my own fucking name!
by Rump January 30, 2004
When someone gets so fucked up off of drugs or alcohol that they cannot function and are UTTERLY destroyed!
"Dammit man! Handle your drugs!"
"I can't - I'm fucking uttered!"
by Rump January 30, 2004
Term used when someone finds themselves in a state of utter, complete, and total annihalation, because they have chosen to resort to utter and tremendous combinations of destruction through tremendous drugs and alcohol.
Tonight we engaged in utter destruction to the point of no return. We have achieved our goal of fucking totally destroying ourselves in all manner of ways - like we always do! You know how WE do it bitch!
by Rump January 30, 2004
Term used to define the great, sticky, luscious, powerful, utmost quality, potent, colorful, hairy, and just plain old straight-up TRUE GREEN FUCKING CHRONIC!
Hey you shit-cock bastard! I demand that you take a hit of this tremendous from the gravity bong and keep passing it along. Puff, puff, give motherfucker!
by Rump January 30, 2004
Really a term pointing out the personality type of people who may or may not be diagnosed with the Asperger's syndrome diagnosis. It is NOT "a nickname for someone with that diagnosis", the aspie term points to the personality type as such, not to the clinical diagnosis.

Many aspies function too well in life to ever get the clinical diagnosis, since the criteria includes "the disturbance causes clinically significant impairments in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning."

Within the aspie community, the aspie term is for all of the people with the aspie personality style.

Many with Asperger's syndrome (or next of kin to people with the diagnosis) shun the concept of "being your diagnosis" and therefore don't consider themselves aspies, but very literally just "a person with Asperger's syndrome".

So, an "aspie" is a person with an aspie personality who believes in the aspie concept and considers himself/herself an aspie. Many who have Asperger's syndrome are not aspies, and many who don't have the clinical diagnosis and won't ever get one may be aspies.
I think NN may be an aspie...
by RuMP March 03, 2012

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