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2 definitions by Rudy4Evr

1.) A mexican name. Very common.
2.) A character in Napoleon Dynamite.
3.) A sexy beast. Homosexual. Born in 1982. You will love him no matter who you are. aka. Paige, Page.
1.) Hey Pedro!
3.) Adam: I LOVE Pedro.
Matt: He is my homeboy.
by Rudy4Evr June 09, 2009
A French-Candian White Boy.
Big blue eyes and blonde hair with a face covered in freckles.
With three older sisters, Rudy could come off as gay at first, but when he then talks about how he is in love with the girl that e can't have, you understand. Until he starts singing showtunes. :)
Enjoys photography, and is very protective of his sisters.

Adorable and he's got your back.
Robert LaCroix. <3

Ellie: Dude, I LOVE Rudy!
Grace: Oh my God, ME TOO!
Rowan: ME THREE!
by Rudy4Evr June 06, 2009