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A "pretique" is the combination of "pre" PLUS "-tique" (from critque). Since a critique means a critical review or commentary, especially one dealing with works of art - a "pretique" describes a critique BEFORE having percieved/recieved the very piece of art. Therefore it is great word/term for wise guys or clever clogs.
- This very movie is bad!
- Have you seen it yet?
- No, I do not have to. It is a PRETIQUE.
by Rudolf Inderst May 17, 2008
Short for "current generation", mostly used for technological devices.
- "Oh, you have a new Xbox 360. It is a nice next generation console!"
- "Actually it is current generation by now. It came out in 2005."
- "I see. So it is curgen."
- "Right."
by Rudolf Inderst December 04, 2008
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